What is my IP address location?

My IP Addres is :
ISP:   Merck and Co.
Organization:   Merck and Co.
City:   Ashburn
Region:   Virginia
Country:   United States

What Is My IP Address?

Everyone that has or uses a computer has what is call and IP (Internet Protocol) address. Each is assigned a specific and different number, allowing each to have their own address. If you have asked yourself, "what is my IP" you can easily find out by searching the internet. Simply enter the query, "IP location" into any search engine, and it will automatically send you your IP geolocation information. Every IP address is different, and is four sets of numbers that are each separated by a period. IP addresses are used by internet service providers in order to recognize where you are in the world, and where your computer is connecting to the World Wide Web. An IP address may also be used to identify your general location.
IP addresses are difficult to keep track of and deal with, so you may also have a host name assigned to your devices instead of or in addition to an IP address. Initially, internet providers used static IP addresses, but because there are so many computers and other devices using the internet, they now offer dynamic IP addresses. These are used from a pool and limit users' abilities to host ftp servers, websites, mail servers and more. Also, anyone that wants to connect to the internet via virtual hosting can easily do so with a device that is set up to act in that way. This allows for multiple IP addresses to be used at one time. One example of this is having wireless internet in your home that allows you to use your pc, tablet and cell phone all at the same time to surf the internet. Overall, knowing your IP address allows you to access forums, speed checks, email tracing, proxy detection, geolocation and much more, all from one single number that was randomly assigned to your device.

What Is My IP Location?

Believe it or not, it is incredibly easy to locate IP addresses online. All you need to do is enter the words, "What Is My IP Location" into any search engine, and your IP address will show up. When you know your IP address, you can do more than just find your hostname or learn more about your ISP. The reasons why it is important to know IP Location is to ensure that you are safe in all of your online activities, especially technical support, proxy detection, running email servers, online gaming and using remote connections to access your desktop. Your IP address is exclusive, and was assigned to you by your ISP. This allows you to identify and talk to others around the world via the internet. For comparison, your IP address is just like your physical mailing address, and the network that you are connected to is comparable to the city in which you live. Just like your mailing address, without IP address information, you cannot receive or send data via the internet without an address. This is what makes having and knowing your IP address so important.